Community Day School

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385 Pleasant Valley Road
Diamond Springs, CA 95619
Principal Alison Gennai

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Community Day School (CDS) traditionally has no more than 20 students enrolled at any one time. CDS serves grades nine through twelve. Students transition to other schools in the district after meeting the requirements of their expulsion rehabilitation plans. CDS focuses on serving at-risk students who are or will be expelled from their home schools. The typical student has experienced little or limited success in school due to behavioral and disciplinary reasons. Most of the enrollees have are on formal or informal probation.
The emphasis of the program is teaching CORE academic subjects (English, Math, Science, and Social
Studies), and on developing positive social skills and dealing with anger issues. SCANS skills are emphasized throughout the day. Students are assigned work according to their ability levels. Students are expected to meet state and district course specific standards. An interpersonal and personal skills curriculum is also utilized. Each student has an Individual Learning Plan.
School staff collaborates with a school psychologist and counselors, as well as mental health, law enforcement, probation, and other service agencies that work with at-risk youth. Student progress is discussed, and a transition plan is developed to ensure a smooth passage back to the traditional school program. Staffing is provided by a credentialed teacher, a part-time teacher’s aide, a school counselor and full-time Principal, and other support staff, such as a school psychologist, an on-campus probation officer, a part-time school secretary/registrar, and attendance personnel as needed. Expelled students may sometimes be required to provide their own transportation.