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June 2018

Dear Independence Family,

Our work this last school year has been inspiring -- thoughtful, caring, focused, smart, and fun! It was full of exciting learning and personal growth for everyone in our school community, and I am honored to share in the experience with each of you!

Every day is an adventure and an opportunity to grow together.  Our diverse group of students, with all of their issues, drama, attitudes, insights, passion, and energy, is what makes Indo the dynamic place it is.  We don’t expect perfection from students; we just expect that students commit to working at their personal best. Our responsibility is to figure out which strategy will work with each student, because everyone comes with a different, compelling story. We are trying to change lives, and although it isn’t easy, it is truly rewarding.

Faculty and staff at Indo understand that until we develop a personal connection with a student, we are every teacher they have ever had.  We are committed to learning new and innovative teaching approaches in our collective responsibility to serve every Indo student.  When it gets really tough, as it sometimes does, we like to envision the students they are becoming, not the students they might be at that moment.

I am looking forward to see what amazing accomplishments are in store for the Indo Saints.  Every year has its own unique dynamic and memorable events that shape our collective experience.   I promise we will work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of every student we meet.  Throughout the year I will encourage students and staff not to give up or get discouraged, and remind us to be grateful for the challenge and to celebrate even the smallest of successes.  Often, the life lessons we teach are not realized until the students are ready to learn them, but we know we are helping encourage and shape the future of these very special and valuable students.

As we enter the 2018-19 school year remember to

  • Laugh often
  • Cry when you need to
  • Have fun
  • Be inspired
  • Make a positive difference
  • Enjoy the ride!

Yours in the Journey,
Alison Gennai

Now Go!  Change the World!”

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