Code of Conduct

Independence High School Code of Conduct

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“Show Up,  Be Cool,  Take Care of Business!”

Show Up:

  • Attend ALL Scheduled Classes Daily:  Being present and actively participating in all your classes is a KEY component to your success!  Attending and participating in all of your classes is building the work ethic needed for success in the world.
  • Be on Time: Being on time is the second step in becoming in becoming a successful, organized, disciplined adult.  Being on time shows that you care.
  • Stay the Entire Period of Each Class: Being organized and disciplined to take care of matters outside of the classroom, outside of classroom time is the final step in being a person who “Shows Up!”

  Be Cool:

  • Show Respect to Everyone: Extend the same understanding, respect, and courtesy that you want from others to everyone on campus.  This makes Independence a welcoming, safe place for all students and staff.  
  •  Be the Real You:   The real you is un-altered.  Depending upon your choices, there may be times and places in your life where you choose to be altered, but your time at Indo is not one of those times and Indo is not one of those places.  Bottom line is that you must be sober to be an effective participant in your education!
  • Listen Up:  Listening to and respecting others is the last step in moving outside of you to be a positive influence on the world.  Your teachers, campus monitors, and other school staff jobs are to ensure the safety of all students.  When you listen and comply with their directions, you are helping.  Defiance and disruptive behavior is not allowed.

  Take Care of Business:

  • Complete All Your Work: Everyone completes some of their work, but to stand out from the crowd, you must learn to complete all of your work.  There is a direct link between your success at IHS (graduate being prepared for your next step) and the completion of all assignments.  And there is a direct link between achieving your goals, and being a person who completes all of their work.
  • Do Your Best Every Day: Some days your best is really good and some days it isn’t so hot.  Everyone can work hard when things are going well and the rewards are pouring in.  Success comes to those people who learn the value of working hard even when things aren’t going well.  It is very important that not only do you “Complete All Your Work” but that you give all your work your “Best Effort.”
  • Stay Focused:  “To Do Your Best Every Day” and “Complete All Your Work” you must stay focused.  Keep your eyes on the prize!  Your head must be in the game at every moment in order to reach your goals.  No distracting cell phones in class, unauthorized ear bud usage, and inappropriate computer usage.