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About Us

About Us

Independence (IHS) is a continuation high school that provides an alternative education for students who have fallen behind in studies at their comprehensive high school and may be in danger of not graduating.  IHS is also designed for students who have difficulty achieving in classes where lecture and testing are the primary means of evaluating student achievement.

At IHS, students are offered smaller class sizes, more individualized instruction, and greater flexibility.

IHS students attend a school that is characterized by strong adult student relationships, an environment that provides opportunities for every student to excel and programs and practices that help young human beings grow healthy, caring and responsible.

The staff at Independence High School believes that we should provide a viable, vital and distinctly different standards based academic alternative for students who have experienced limited success or satisfaction at other educational venues.

The staff believes that learning is a life long process and is inherently satisfying.  We believe that students learn in a variety of ways, at different paces and need flexibility to be successful.  We hope our students will develop positive skills and habits that will enhance their ability to be successful after high school.

IHS is, by design, a place of warmth, acceptance, authenticity and healing.  Student-staff relationships are of paramount importance.  Diversity is honored.  Honesty, trust and personal value are promoted.

True growth occurs only when individuals feel safe enough and appreciated enough to settle into their own beings and identities.  The staff maintains a firm commitment to recognizing and appreciating the inherent value and worth of each student.  Humor, irony, eccentricity, dedication to change and growth, pursuit of challenge - all are factors that make IHS the very special setting it is.