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Deanna Cochran
(530) 622-7090 ext. 7132
Email Deanna Cochran in the Attendance Office

Email Deanna Cochran in the Attendance Office

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Attendance Information

Early Dismissals

If your student needs to be checked out early from school please be sure to come into the front office to sign your student out or you call Deanna Cochran in the front office.

Closed Campus

Independence High School is a closed campus. No student is allowed to leave campus without being checked out by a parent or guardian. If a student forgot a lunch someone can either drop off their lunch in the front office and we will be sure to deliver it to your student. There is no DoorDash orders allowed to be delivered to the office for any students, please. 

Late Arrivals

If your student is arriving late to school please provide a note, phone call, or come to the office in-person to clear the tardys. You must sign your student in at the front desk (similar to checking your student out).


If your student has fallen ill please call Deanna in the front office to let her know your student will be out due to illness. If your student is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 please keep your student home and check out our COVID-19 page to get more information on testing sites and more.

Missing Assignment Request

Your student can email teachers directly to get any missing assignments or just to check-in with their teachers when they are absent from school. You can find all the teachers' emails on the Staff Directory Page.

Attendance Errors

If you find that there may be an attendance error on Aeries you can call, email, or talk to Deanna Cochran in the front office. If a student was absent due to illness or doctor appointment please be sure to include a note so that Deanna can clear the Unexcused Absence.